Below is an example of a variety of projects that I have been involved in. You can also check out my soundcloud page for other audio samples here: placement Glitter is Gold co-written with Mike Taylor aka tU pHAceThis is a song that I co-wrote with (at the time) Sony artist Mike Taylor for his mixtape From The Stars.  Mike is a very talented MC/singer/songwriter who I have been working with since the early 2000's with The Subliminal Orphans.


The Legendary Abbey Road Studios for the Sundance Channel with Melody GardotAn honor to record at Abbey Road.  I spent my down time that day playing on the Let It Be piano.  This was an arrangement of mine based on a reduction of the orchestral arrangement on the album My One and Only Thrill.  This was actually the only performance of this arrangement.  Other musicians are Pat Hughes on trumpet, Bryan Rogers on saxaphone and Chuck Staab on drums.


A project with International Electro-Acoustic Composer Miriama YoungMiriama Young is a forward thinking composer from New Zealand that I had to fortune to work with while she was a visiting professor/artist at Princeton University.  We recorded Inner, available on the record Speak Volumes, as well as recording a full "art-pop" record The Briney Deep.  On this tune my part was improvised focusing mainly on bowed false harmonics.


The Late Show with David Letterman with Melody Gardot

          A performance on The Late Show sharing the evening with comedy legend Bill Cosby.  This was my arrangement of Who Will Comfort Me from the record My One and Only Thrill.  Joined by the great Jef Lee Johnson on guitar, the other musicians include Behn Gillece on vibes, Pat Hughes on trumpet, Bryan Rogers on saxophone and Chuck Staab on drums.


Co-Composer for the Prince Theater show From Tha Hip   From Tha Hip was a collaboration between Chosen Dance Company and The Subliminal Orphans.  The Orphans had a great relationship with the break-dancing community and it was very satisfying to take that to the stage.